Irene E. Blomenkamp

Attorney at Law

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Blomenkamp Law

Blomenkamp Law is the support you need when in crisis or for starting your business.

Family Law

The Blomenkamp Law Firm is dedicated to serving families who find themselves torn in a time of emotional crisis. Our job is to help you through a difficult time whether it be child custody, adoptions, spousal support.

Business Formation

Entrepreneurs who are seeking new business formations will receive guidance and advise on the right corporation for you. We guide you through factors that will determine the type of entity your business should operate.


Divorce is a painful process for many and we offer to provide legal, financial, and professional guidance to help you through a difficult time.

Child Custody

Whether you are fighting for custody or trying to prevent the custody of your children from being taken away from you, Blomenkamp Law brings our experience and knowledge of the law to each individual situation.


Counseling, the formation of corporations, operating agreements, and trademark advice are all in the range of services provided by Blomenkamp Law.

Irene E. Blomenkamp, Esq. , Birmingham, AL

Blomenkamp Law encompasses probate disputes and adoptions, wills, family law, divorce, child custody, business formation and litigation, insurance coverage issues, other general civil litigation and asbestos insurance defense litigation.