corporate lawCorporate Law Attorney in Birmingham, AL

Blomenkamp Law Firm in Birmingham, AL can assist in the formation and operation of Limited Liability Companies or Corporations anywhere in Alabama. We strive to help business owners protect their personal assets while operating their businesses legally and more efficiently.

Why Are Alabama Corporate Law Attorneys Important in Setting up a Limited Liability Company or Corporation?

Setting up any Company in Alabama requires extensive document preparation as well as the appropriate filing of certain documents with the appropriate Alabama courts and agencies. To be most effective, the process must be completed properly so that personal assets are fully separated and protected from company liability. As of January 1, 2015, the laws governing Limited Liability Companies (LLCs) have changed significantly and by January 1, 2017 all existing LLCs will have to comply with the new law. For years, Blomenkamp Law Firm has helped our clients form and maintain legal companies and avoid the pitfalls of noncompliance. The services that we offer our clients provide them with economical, quick and easy solutions for setting up and operating their Companies.

Benefits in Having Blomenkamp Law Firm Set Up Your Company

Blomenkamp Law Firm of Birmingham, AL has experience assisting clients with setting up their companies in a short amount of time for a reasonable fee. We understand the differences between the various corporate entities and know the most recent changes to Alabama Law. Blomenkamp Law Firm assists clients in understanding and selecting the entity that is best for them. Our services are professional and confidential.

The Process Of Setting Up A Company

Blomenkamp Law Firm believes that our clients should understand the process of setting up a company and we strive to keep them informed every step of the way. Our services to any clients are ongoing and comprehensive. We provide support for our business clients through formation and operation.

Our Clients Are Part of the Family

Over the years, we assisted many clients in setting up their companies. We strive to do the maintain ongoing relationships with our business clients providing support to keep all of our clients not only operating legally but growing as well.

The Blomenkamp Law Firm takes the guesswork out of setting up any company so that our clients can get to work reaching their customers and increasing their profits.